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pinball machines for sale Melbourne
Pinball machines for sale. New and used pinballs for sale at Arcade Classics

 Pinball machines for sale.

Pinball machines for sale at Arcade Classics Australia. We offer new and used pinballs for sale, inlcuding all the leading brands in pinball.

Brand New Stern pinball machines.

Fully refurbished used pinball machines.

Our brands of pinball machines include:

  • Stern
  • Williams
  • Bally
  • Data East
  • Gottlieb

As well as pinball machines for sale, we also buy used pinballs. We also offer repairs, service and restoration of pinball machines.

Over 20 years of experience with pinball machines, Arcade Classics Australia is your destination for all pinball sales.

We can source classic 70’s and 80’s pinball machines for sale such as Kiss, Playboy, Firepower, Black Knight and more.

We stock classic 90’s pinball machines for sale such as Addams Family, Indiana Jones, Fish Tales, Getaway, No Fear, Tee’d Off, Rescue 911, WWF Royal Rumble and many more.


Skills for the Pinball Wizard

At the highest level of skill you become a Pinball Wizard. You become one with the pinball machine. It’s one of those zen things. Or you learn a set of really hard skills, and nobody will know that you don’t have that zen thing.

Death Save A controversial skill.  There are some who believe that the Death Save should be illegal, as if it is performed with the supplement of a kick on the right leg of the machine, it may potentially damage the machine.  It has, however, been recognized and rewarded by Data East, who have a graphic and a point award for successful Death Saves on their machines since Rocky and Bullwinkle. Still, its not recommended to perform this technique on a friend’s machine without permission, or a location you wish to remain in.If the ball has gone through the right outlane (right side only), then the ball may be retrieved if the player nudges the machine firmly and as quickly as possible to avoid a tilt and also holds up the left flipper.  The nudge will cause the ball to come off the wall leading the ball to the center drain and hit the upraised left flipper, bouncing it over to the right flipper.  Then just flip the ball (if you haven’t tilted) and you’ve performed a death save.  The right leg kick can be added to add more force to the nudge, but please be careful! and respect an operator who asks you not to do it. 
Bangback A Bangback is a sharp upward thrust on the cabinet or coin box (don’t hurt yourself) where you knock the ball off the outlane wall as it heads towards the center drain and it goes through the flippers (keep the flipper up on the side which corresponds to the outlane where the ball went through) and over to the other flipper.
Drop Stop If the ball is headed toward the center of the flipper when raised, then if you drop the flipper as soon as the ball touches the flipper, it will stop right on the flipper! In will just stop completely, and you can either attempt a trap if the ball is closer towards the base, or you can let it start to roll and then simply shoot for a target.  The Drop Stop is particularly useful in some games where the ramps are tall and usually send the ball back towards the flippers very quickly if the ball does not clear the ramp, and others where you don’t want to attempt a hold trap and have the ball roll up the inlanes and then out the outlanes.  The Drop Stop is a great method to contain and control the ball when it moves toward the center of a flipper at a high speed.  You must set it up by raising the flipper early, and then dropping it as soon as the ball makes contact.Note: Most machines will give you the ball back if you score no points at all on the ball so use this to your advantage, especially on Skill Shots. If you’ve missed the skill shot and not hit any targets, use this technique to stop the ball and then simply let it drain, since you will get your ball back along with another attempt at the skill shot. 
Flip Trap This technique is the opposite of the Drop Stop.  Hit the ball so that it collides with the flipper just as the flipper reaches the point where the flipper is fully extended.  If you hit the ball such that it meets the flipper just before it stops extending, the enery imparted by the flipper hit will cancel out the momentum the ball has and the ball will stop right on the flipper where you can trap it.
Falling Hold Pass If the ball is going very quickly through an inlane and you attempt a hold pass, it will fly up and hit the opposite side’s slingshot and you will lose all control of the ball.  However, if you drop the flipper as the ball is about halfway across the upheld flipper, the ball will stop heading up and will just continue heading across the gap to the opposite flipper (and may then roll partially up the inlane but will most likely not have the speed to make it all the way through).
Inlane Friction Another skill that you can perform on a ball which is heading quickly through the inlane is Inlane Friction.  By nudging the ball either left or right while the ball runs down the inlane, you can slow it down because the ball will bounce back and forth between the sides of the inlane.