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Avengers Premium Pinball

Avengers Premium Pinball Machine by Stern and many other great pinball machines available now at Arcade Classics.

Avengers Premium Pinball by Stern available now at Arcade Classics.


  • Stern Pinball Custom-Molded, Fully Decorated Hulk
  • “Raging Hulk” Animated Target with Magnet, Ball Interaction
  • Hulk ‘Throwing’ Action
  • “Spinning Tesseract” Cube Target featuring C-O-S-M-I-C spellout awards
  • S/S Launch Ramp Featuring Back-lit Laser-Cut Avengers-Logo
  • “Black Widow” Ramp with Spinning Target and Diverter
  • “Hawkeye” Ramp Featuring Ball Diverter and  Stainless Steel Arrow Crossramp
  • H-U-L-K and T-H-O-R Spellout drop targets
  • 3 “Tesseract” and 1 “Hulk Smash” Stand-up Targets
  • 3 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Stand-up Targets
  • “Loki” Multiball Featuring Physical 3-ball Lock on Right Ramp
  • “Gamma Ray” Ball Eject
  • Two Electronically-Controlled Gates Control Orbit Shots
  • 6 Balls
  • LED DMD  (Red)
  • Unique Premium Translite
  • Traditional lock down bar, slides, brackets
  • Traditional Coin Door
  • Enhanced LE/Premium Game Users’ Manual