Ford Mustang-themed games from Stern Pinball

Mustang Pro Pinball

Mustang Pro Pinball Machine by Stern available now at Arcade Classics.

Ready your engines and celebrate 50 years of Mustang. The Mustang pinball machine, exclusive to Ford, drops players into the driver’s seat of one of the hottest cars on the strip. Narrated by professional racing driver, Tanner Foust, this machine sets the tone for a fast paced, white-knuckle game. The game comes equipped with top-of-the-line features including artwork by famed Ford GT car artist and designer Camilo Pardo and the ultimate soundtrack from Sony Music featuring five decades of hits.

Players will experience the thrill of building an amazing collection of the most desirable Mustangs; including GT’s. Measures 75 1/2″ H x 27″ W x 55″ D. Mach 1’s, Cobras, Boss Mustangs and the 2015 Mustang. Take your Mustangs racing against an array of colorful game characters in 8 different racing scenarios including drifting, drag racing, road races, rallies and police pursuits. Take down the “SHIFT” drop targets to shift your way up thru the gears into “GEARS” Multiball. Shoot around the playfield to earn Ford Racing parts and customize, modify and tune your Mustangs! Advance thru the challenge ladder in order to race in the Silverball Stampede; an all-out coast to coast run against all of the wacky opponents in the game. Features the voice of racing car driver and television host Tanner Foust. Five decades of music to select from by artists like: Motorhead, Jan & Dean, The Romantics and more. Artwork created by GT designer Camilo Pardo. Special Features: “4 Barrel” action pop bumpers. Twin Stacked Supercharger ramps. “Donut Time” captive ball shot. M U S T A N G logo spell out feature indicates game progress. 1/24th scale decorative Mustang. Feature allows players to enhance their car collection with iconic cars from throughout the history of the brand.