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Original 1978 Taito Space Invaders.

All original parts.

The iconic game that gave birth to the video game industry is truly a rare and sort after piece for any serious collector.

Given its age, rarity and intricate artwork, this is an investment that is sure to appreciate over time.

The machine itself uses a black and white monitor which is projected onto a transparent mirror. Behind the mirror an illuminated plastic moon and cardboard backdrop are used to give the game its colour.

The game was a massive hit worldwide and paved the may for the video game boom of the 1980’s.

Just a few years later and video games had turned to colour screens , making the Space Invaders of 1978 old news.

During the 1980’s many of these machines were destroyed, damaged or stripped and converted into other games, making good examples of this game hard to find.

We carry a range of these original machines, price is determined by overall condition.

All our original Space Invaders machines are tested and serviced by highly experienced technicians.