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The Cyberlead, by NAMCO, truly resides in the uppermost tier of late 90’s candy cabinets. With perhaps the only debatable flaw being it’s non-rotatable monitor, the CL shines in all other areas. Fitted w/a 29 dual-res Nanao it’s hard to find a more brilliant picture from any other sit-down cab. The picture from the cabinet can also be displayed on any TV (capable of showing an NTSC Source). Which allows everyone to watch the action. And substituting the standard marquee space is a programmable scrolling LED Dot Matrix Display. The LED display is actually wired through JVS, so with some titles, (namely NAMCO obviously. i.e. Tekken 2,3,etc), the display corresponds to the game wired. Of course, it is generally in Japanese… Nonetheless, the programming feature can be set up manually to display scrolling text (i.e. CYBERLEAD, 100Y PER PLAY, etc), or even a scrolling Pac-Man munching dots, as well as custom text entered manually. Another special feature of this Cabinet, is it can be networked to another cabinet. . Allowing 2 players to play the same game on 2 different cabinets. Players can play games like side scrolling beat them up games cooperatively. Or fighting games in versus against each other. Each player getting their own controls and monitor. This is done via the use of a special link cable (available to customers at an additional charge). The cabinet has ease of access to all parts with a hinged control panel that flips out. Giving operators easy access to button/microswitch replacement, as well as degaussing, volume control and monitor adjustments. The front and back panels are fully detachable. Allowing direct access to the spacious interior of the cabinet. The cabinet can be quickly moved and installed into another location with it’s rear wheels, as well as being stable in it’s stationary position thanks to it’s front casters. Please note this cabinet is a horizontal (left to right) orientated screen only. It cannot be rotated to be a vertical screen.